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Five ways a Virtual Assistant can help your sales business

Farm out time consuming administrative tasks, freeing you up to focus on bringing in the sales! The beauty of hiring a VA is that you can hire them during the busy periods with no obligation to keep them on during the quiet spells.

In an industry characterised by the peaks and troughs of seasonal selling, here are five ways a VA can support your sales business when you’re at your busiest.

Researching new business leads

Need to boost your sales with some new business development? A VA can carry out online research for potential new customers, checking brand adjacencies, nearby competitors and stockists and assess their online presence. Simply brief your VA on the search parameters and how you’d like the findings to be reported and let the rest to them…

Making appointments

In the run up to busy trade shows and sell-in period, let a VA free up your time by making your appointments for you. Simply provide a list of the customers and prospective clients you’d like to meet and your availability then let a VA handle the back and forth to get the appointments in the diary.

Wholesale reporting

Once the season has closed and orders have been placed, a VA can help consolidate the sales data, providing trends and analysis, enabling you to see the themes, successes and improvement areas.

Credit control

Need a hand chasing payment on overdue invoices? A VA can send out chaser letters, emails or call debtors on your behalf, freeing you up to focus on more strategic matters whilst keeping cash flow in check.


Travel research and planning is a time-consuming process, factoring in not only the cost, but convenience of flight times, preferred airline and hotels, location and logistics once you’re there.

If it’s a trade show you’re planning for, you’ve got the added organisation of the stand, sorting your samples and coordinating your sales team so everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time.

A VA can take the lead on researching the best flight and hotel options for you to choose from, coordinate team travel arrangements and ensure all the details are clearly communicated to everyone travelling.

Keen to find out how a VA can help your sales business? Contact Admin Land for a chat and a no obligation quote today!

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