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I’m really busy and need help but I’m not sure how a Virtual Assistant can help me…

So, your work is taking over your life and it feels a bit like you’re fire-fighting just to stay on top of things?

Firstly, fantastic that your business is doing well and that your services are very much in demand!

One of the questions I get asked regularly is how a Virtual Assistant can help when you work in a very technical field – and where a VA doesn’t have your level of knowledge or expertise?

Here are some tips:

Begin by reviewing all the tasks you carry out on a typical day and note which ones absolutely must be done by you and you only, and which ones could be delegated.

Is there any groundwork or preparation that needs to be done for any of the bigger tasks, that you might be able to outsource? Yes, you may need to write the content, but could you delegate the formatting and proof reading or data analysis of the finished presentation or spreadsheet?

How about the day-to-day administrative tasks like diary management, keeping your inbox tidy and your expenses in order? Filing, following up on appointments, other correspondence, chasing invoices and travel booking can all be very time consuming and are prime tasks that could be delegated to a VA.

Lastly, are there any personal tasks that you need assistance with? From getting quotes for your next family holiday, to online shopping, booking in dentist, doctor and hairdresser appointments, there are many ways a VA can help simplify your life.

Drop Admin Land a line today to see how a VA can help your business.

Admin Land – for all your administrative needs.

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