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Why I became a Virtual Assistant

After five years in my last role, I decided to take a career break. I took some time out to travel the world and also set up my Virtual Assistant business, in which I wanted to combine my love for travel with my passion for being a career PA.

Traditionally, a PA has always sat at a desk outside her boss’ office, but with the increase in the uptake of flexible working in offices around the UK, these days it’s possible – and becoming increasingly accepted – to do your job without being physically present in the office.

The benefit of being truly virtual is that I can work from anywhere – whether it’s from the comfort of my own home, in a client’s office, or indeed, anywhere in the world – so long as I have my laptop and a decent internet connection.

With a combination of email, instant messenger and voice calls, my smartphone also keeps me connected wherever I am.

There are benefits, of course, to being in the same office as a boss or client, but when they are away on business trips I am technically supporting them virtually anyway. So long as they always get the same high quality support from me, I meet my deadlines and am there when they need me, where I’m based doesn’t make a great deal of difference. Plus, I can arrange to be in the office if that’s what’s they want too.

I also wanted to take my thirteen years’ experience in the fashion industry and tailor my VA services to work with clients within this niche. Having an in-depth understanding of my clients’ industry means I can hit the ground running.

I also specialise in tasks such as wholesale reporting, organising sales events and trade shows (and other such jobs that frequently crop up on any brand’s to-do list) and make use of my extensive existing network of suppliers and contacts to get the job done efficiently and source the best deals.

Of course, I can (and do) work with other non-fashion industry clients too – the beauty of being a VA is that the skills are extremely transferrable and can be applied across a broad range of sectors – admin is admin after all!

To find out more about how a Virtual Assistant can help your business, visit

If you're interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant, check out this awesome course, which shows you everything you need to do to set yourself up:

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