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Top 5 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are a fairly new addition to the workplace, despite businesses having always employed secretaries and PAs.

In these times of reduced job security, increased uncertainty and more and more people turning to self employment, a VA can help bridge the gap during busy times or undertake specific tasks as per the needs of your business.

Here are five reasons to consider taking on a VA in your business:

1. VAs are freelancers - or pay-as-you-go PAs, if you like.

Add flexibility to your business and just pay for the hours you need without the commitment of taking on a new headcount. This could be to coincide with a busy sales period or tradeshow, or for a regular set number of hours per week or month, to assist with reporting, travel planning or month end.

If your business needs change, then your VA can adapt and offer more or less support accordingly.

2. Vary the work your give to your VA according to your business needs.

A VA can take on a variety of general admin tasks - or a very specific one. You can even hire multiple VAs with different areas of expertise to fit with your business' specialised needs.

3. Offload those tasks you don't like, don't have time for or are unable to do.

Why suffer through those tedious tasks that you'd rather not do? Delegate to a VA and they'll have them done in no time! In the case of tasks in which you lack expertise, a VA can help with this specific task without the need to take on a new employee or train an existing one.

4. Delegate tasks to free you up to do what you do best.

So long as your hourly rate is higher than your VA's, this makes economic sense and you are making money - time is money, after all!

5. Restore your work life balance.

Buy back a few hours of personal time and let a VA work for you, whilst you enjoy some much deserved down time. Perhaps you could have your VA research your next holiday or run some personal errands for you?

Contact Admin Land to see how a Virtual Assistant can help you!

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