I’m really busy and need help but I’m not sure how a Virtual Assistant can help me…

So, your work is taking over your life and it feels a bit like you’re fire-fighting just to stay on top of things? Firstly, fantastic that your business is doing well and that your services are very much in demand! One of the questions I get asked regularly is how a Virtual Assistant can help when you work in a very technical field – and where a VA doesn’t have your level of knowledge or expertise? Here are some tips: Begin by reviewing all the tasks you carry out on a typical day and note which ones absolutely must be done by you and you only, and which ones could be delegated. Is there any groundwork or preparation that needs to be done for any of the bigger tasks, that you might be able t

What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

In short, a VA can help to get your life in order – both business and personal – it’s up to you what tasks you’d like to hand over. Here are some suggestions: Diary management If you’re too busy stuck in meetings to organise the future meetings a VA can step in and help. Hand over access to your diary with instructions on how you like to organise your day and a VA can ensure there are no meeting clashes, follow up with meeting attendees and block out personal or travel time so your week runs smoothly. Wholesale reporting Need to keep track of sales during the busy sell-in, or provide an overview of sales by region at the end of the season? A VA can process your raw data, collate and analyse

Top 5 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are a fairly new addition to the workplace, despite businesses having always employed secretaries and PAs. In these times of reduced job security, increased uncertainty and more and more people turning to self employment, a VA can help bridge the gap during busy times or undertake specific tasks as per the needs of your business. Here are five reasons to consider taking on a VA in your business: 1. VAs are freelancers - or pay-as-you-go PAs, if you like. Add flexibility to your business and just pay for the hours you need without the commitment of taking on a new headcount. This could be to coincide with a busy sales period or tradeshow, or for a regular set number o